How To Create An Eye Catching Online Dating Profile That Gets You Your Dream Guy


As women live longer and more vibrant lives they often find themselves back in the dating world after decades of marriage. Dating has changed a lot since we were in our teens and twenties. While in the past we relied on introductions from friends or coworkers, today more women are taking charge of their own social lives and joining online dating services. If you are venturing into this exciting world of online opportunities, you will want to take care in creating your online dating profile.

When you first started dating in high school or college you probably had a specific list of qualities that you looked for in a date, such as height, hair color, and type of car. Now after experiencing many facets of life you’ve likely changed your list of must have qualities. Most women care more about their date’s character and personality than the kind of car they drive. Think of what kind of person you want to spend time with when you are writing your profile for online dating.

One important tip is to be honest in your online dating profile. If you love camping and outdoor activities by all means include this in your profile. There are many great people out there who love spending time outdoors and these can be excellent dates. If you prefer to go to museums or cultural events, include that information in your profile. The important idea is that you include your true interests and likes. There is no point saying you like sports when you don’t, just because you think you’ll attract more men escort yverdon.

It is also important how you portray yourself in your online dating profile. Most of these sites include pictures, and to be truthful people usually search first by profile pictures. If you don’t include a picture, or worse include a picture of someone else, you will set yourself up for disappointment. If someone is only interested in young, model perfect women, then it is better to let them chase that group while you concentrate on people who appreciate your looks, talents, and experience. Use a picture of yourself that you really like, even if you have to get some new pictures taken.

Another tip in creating your online dating profile is to be specific when listing your likes and activities. Your profile will be viewed by thousands of people and you want to make yourself stand out. Many people will say they like music and leave it at that, but you should list specific groups or songs that you like. Potential dates who like the same group or song will take special interest in your profile. If you’re a foodie, mention your favorite restaurant or the meal you love to cook and eat. Getting together for a meal is the classic date and by being specific about what food you enjoy who’ll meet others who share your tastes.

Joining an online dating service can be a little frightening, but you can have a great experience if you take time to create a unique online profile. Just remember to be honest and specific and you’ll attract people who have the qualities you are looking for in a date.

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