Scholarship Program for International Students


While browsing for scholarships I found some good resources regarding scholarships. I have compiled all this information for those who are beginner in this hunt. This article covers just a part regarding scholarships for higher studies but still it gives an idea about how to move forward with it. This article, however, does not contain exhaustive information about scholarship programs.

Scholarships in USA

USA offers Full bright scholarship for Pakistani students. In order to apply for this program, you need to take GRE, TOEFL tests and should have Motivation letter and some good reference letters.

Scholarships programs in Australia

1) Australian Leadership Awards. This Study Abroad Scholarship offers postgraduate students who want to study in Australia. Opportunities and support for short-term fellowships in particular fields of research or study are also provided under this plan. Scholarship offered under this program is granted to students and experts in the area of social and economic development and policy reform.

2) Australian Development Scholarships. This is with the collaboration of Australia’s partner countries to support studies made to additional the fields of good governance, human development, and economic growth. Awardees under this program are expected to apply the experience and qualifications gained to their home country Australia Scholarships.

3) Endeavour Awards. This is granted for citizens from the Asia-Pacific, the Middle East, Europe and the America to promote their academic careers in Australia.

This scholarship is highly aggressive as it accepts applicants from all over the world, wherein there is a maximum of two awardees from any country. Annual awards valued at $30,000 are given purely on the basis of merit.

These are some scholarship programs. However, there are a lot of programs but you need to keep an eye on all scholarship websites.

Syed Ghayyour Ahmedis providing the information about Study Abroad programs

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