LDS Temple Art – Mormon Artwork


In ancient times the Lord’s people built temples. Moses was commanded of the Lord to prepare a portable tabernacle. Solomon built a great temple and even Christ worshiped in the temple at Jerusalem. We have to guess as to what most ancient temples looked like based on journal descriptions and other fragments of history. People in ancient times would have to go to the temple to view it and be reminded of its significance.

Members of the Mormon church or the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints build temples just like the ancient people of the Bible built temples. One neat thing about modern temples is that they are well documented with pictures. Before a temple is dedicated often the church photographs the rooms inside the temple. Anyone can purchase these pictures once published, but once a Mormon temple is dedicated it can only be entered into by members of the church who have met certain qualifications. What happens in the temple is not secret but sacred thirukadaiyur temple.

When the Salt Lake Temple was rededicated people proposed that the temple should be photographed, and most every room in the Salt Lake Temple was photographed and documented. When it was originally completed, photography was in its infancy so only a few pictures of the exterior can be found from its original construction.

Members of the Mormon faith hang pictures or place small figurines in their homes to remind them of the temple. If a husband and wife were married in the temple they will often have that temple represented in their home to remind them of their marriage and the sacred covenants they made.

Temple art is very easy to find as the Church has countless pieces of art that can be purchased on the church’s website or at any local distribution center. Many other private businesses also sell photographs and paintings depicting temples.

Now with over 100 temples in the world, more members of the church than ever before live close to a temple. But whether you live close enough to see one out your window, or have to travel for days to get to one, having temple art in your home helps remind you of the eternal nature of families and the love God has for His children.

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